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Daily miracles are happening at the Club at Collington Square, 

an after school program on Mura Street in East Baltimore.

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Changing young lives changes everyone's future. We need your help!  Strong City Baltimore, The Episcopal Diocese of Maryland and Episcopal Community Services of Maryland have teamed up to make the Club stronger...and you're invited to join the team.

About the Club at Collington Square: The Club currently serves over 90 children in the after-school hours with a waiting list of 40. Program Director Vanessa Williams has intentionally recruited, trained and coached a staff of teachers and assistants, almost 100 percent of whom live in the neighborhood The Club serves. This dedicated staff provides a highly structured program between the hours of 3:15 and 6:30 of academics, enrichment, play and homework help, and provides a snack and hot dinner cooked by our Chef in the on-site industrial kitchen. The program emphasizes student voice and leadership with intentional roles for older scholars to mentor and serve younger scholars, as well as serving on an elected Student Council of The Club. Male scholars and staff also work with Munir Bahar’s COR leadership program and train in martial arts. Episcopal Community Services of Maryland had been seeking a more sustainable future for the program and on October 1st, 2017 Strong City Baltimore agreed to assume operations of The Club at Collington Square. Our organizations are working together to ensure the Club will continue to operate. Baltimore’s children need safe, loving, enriching spaces like the the Club.  

What you can do: We're recruiting captains to cover ground quickly. If just 10 people commit to finding 9 others each we'll be 100 strong.  100 people willing to give $100/month for a year will generate $120,000 to change lives. While not everyone can afford to do this, many can, and 100 people is a small percentage of the total population around Baltimore. The cost of a dinner and drinks for two once a month is a small sacrifice to make to fund a miracle for so many.  Let's show ourselves how working together for the common good lifts everyone. Imagine how it will feel to get this "all done" in short order. 

You'll have a talented team beside you: Strong City, The Episcopal Diocese of Maryland and ECSM communicate with thousands of people on a regular basis. We are talented writers, graphic artists, fund raisers, office workers, bishops, priests, faithful folk of many faiths, and others who are also filled with passion for the plight of the poor. We'll be talking about the "New Team" campaign all around Baltimore and have a toolkit for the captains to use. We'll also be givers.

We'll see success as it happens: We'll post generic profession names but the captains and their teams will pick a team name for the online leader board. As they report their progress it will appear on the board. Who will reach their goal first - the medical team, the attorneys, an Episcopal parish group, a Catholic church? Perhaps the veterinarians will take the lead, or the police or city government. 

What if we have more than 100 people? We should throw a party! Watch the leaderboard and think about what you'll bring when together we rise to change lives for the better. Changing young lives changes everyone's future.

 I want to lead a winning team – how do I become a captain?

To join our work, please head over to the Strong City Baltimore fundraising page for The Club:https://strongcitybaltimore-3768.wedid.it/. Once there, you can click the blue “Fundraise With Us” button to become a team captain, or use the grey “View Fundraisers” button to see Teams already in the running and join one.