Overview of transitions: For almost a century we have worked to provide “hope, health and healing for the most vulnerable…” We have worked with foundations, individuals and corporate partners who share our love of children. We remain clear about the heart of the matter.

When it became clear that in spite of dedicated efforts by all of our stakeholders we were not likely to see financial commitments sufficient to fund our programs and an administrative staff through the year, the Board took bold and decisive action and focused on gracefully “rehoming” the Ark and the Club.

We have had success!

On September 1st 2017 The Ark became a part of the Saint Vincent De Paul Head Start system (SVDP) and moved to the Pimlico Arts Center at 4330 Pimlico Road, Baltimore, MD 21215.  The Club at Collington Square continues in its current location at 2110 Mura St. but under the capable management of Strong City Baltimore as of October 1st, 2017. 

All donations and grants received by ECSM for each program before the transition dates were used to support that program and their staffs. Earmarked funds received after the transition dates above will be transferred to SVDP or Strong City Baltimore to support the specific program.

The Board is grateful to have been able to provide continuity of service to the children under our care and greater stability for the program staffs even as we transition ECSM from a corporate structure to “Friends of the Ark” and “Friends of the Club” volunteer organizations. We expect this transition will take some months as the Board continues to connect volunteers, donors and foundations with SVDP and Strong City Baltimore and completes the administrative work that supports transitioning with grace.  

Everything has a season, a beginning and an end. ECSM is no different. It has been a good and fruitful season with much to celebrate and the mission will continue even though the corporate structure will not. There is always a reason to give thanks and to hold hope. Join us in continuing to support the mission of providing " hope, health and healing for the most vulnerable."

Look for periodic updates here on www.ecsm.org