In the fall of 2017 ECSM "rehomed" its programs and changed its administration from a full-time staff of paid employees to one part-time administrative subcontractor and two volunteer groups that directly support the work of the Club and the Ark. Click here to see the Board message from that time.

The ECSM Board’s work in 2018 has been to create “The Friends of the Ark” and “The Friends of the Club" as a means of helping ECSM’s funders and volunteers build strong, ongoing relationships with the new managers of each program. That work is essentially done. We have transferred program files to Saint Vincent de Paul (The Ark) and Strong City Baltimore (The Club) and have held at least one donor event with each agency to facilitate the transfer our donors affection and allegiance to them.

EVERYTHING HAS A SEASON  The Board and I can see that the end of ECSM is near. We have no more employees, vendors, or grants. We feel good about the way we have handled this time of transition.  Our employees have been left whole (most still employed in the same job), our programs delivered into good hands and our donors notified and encouraged.  We have done our best to facilitate the ongoing well being of programs that mean so much to the families they serve.

All that is left is some paperwork...and to give thanks. Many, many people have labored at, or for, ECSM over the years. The fruit of that work may be seen in the lives of children and adults whose lives are better for your effort.  ECSM is coming to an end as an organization. To paraphrase St. Paul, almost everything fades away, but the thing that remains is love. Thank you for being a loving human being. Don't stop. Keep on supporting the Ark and the Club.

Peace and all good,

The Rev. Charlie Barton, ECSM Board Chair